Store Policies

Alcohol Sale in person, via telephone or via Web is restricted to all adults over 21 years of age. By visiting, calling in or visiting and ordering via web page, you explicitly declare that you are of legal age and will prove by producing a government issued valid ID upon request.

When you purchase via telephone or web page you assume full responsibility as sole owner of the product and we, as your agent, will send the said product to you thru third party transport agents.  You will assume all responsibility for any damage or breakage during transit.

Local Delivery:

We deliver to local area in Williamsburg. Please check with the store to see if we deliver to your address.


A full case ( defined below ) of wine will get 10% off regular retail price, and spirits, sparkling wines, sake and liqueur will get 5% off retail price. You can mix and match in each individual category. An item which is already on sale will be counted towards the case count but will not be reduced further in price.

A full case may be 

24 X 375 ml or 12 X 750 ml or 9 X 1.0 lit or 6 X 1.5 li.