Alvarez De Toledo - Mencia

Nini's Wine Cellar

  • $12.00

Content: Mencia.

Region: Castilla y León, Spain.

Our wine stands out because of its marked fruity character which brings out all the qualities and characteristics of the Mencia variety. Its time in the barrel accentuates these qualities by providing subtlety, elegance and complexity. In mouth is silky, fruity, with persistence and great kindness.

The Alvarez de Toledo family goes back many centuries, the first notable moment being in 1472 when the Count Don Garcia Alvarez de Toledo was granted the title of Duke of Alba by Henry IV of Castile. Three decades later, in 1514, his grandson Pedro Alvarez de Toledo y Zuniga, who later became Viceroy of Naples, married in the town of Ponferrada Dona Maria Pimentel-Osorio, daughter of the Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo, thus linking the Alvarez de Toledo family to the region of El Bierzo to this day. In order to understand our project, as well as the great family tradition in viticulture, we must remember Don Luis Varela Alvarez de Toledo, who maintained a close relationship with the vineyards and the wine. Thanks to him we are able to present our wine directly from the most intimate interpretation of wine production in El Bierzo region and guarantee its projection in the future. His mother, Sara Alvarez de Toledo, was born in Villafranca del Bierzo and her sister Amancia was a nun in the closed order convent of The Anunciada. They represented the last generations linked to the vineyards. His daughter, Angelines Varela Mazon y Alvarez de Toledo, is responsible for the project of recuperating the family vineyards, several of which are over 100 years old.

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