Domaine de Bellivière, Les P'tits Vélos (NV)

Domaine de Bellivière, Les P'tits Vélos (NV)

Nini's Wine Cellar

  • $30.00

We use the name "Les P'Tits Vélos" ("small bicycles") for our sparkling wines. They can either be the result of spontaneous refermentation (name is then "En roue libre" ("freewheeling"), or of a secondary fermentation following the so-called "Traditional method" of adding a sweet solution when bottling ("A pignon fixe" = "fixed-gear").

- As the rules of the appellation do not allow for sparkling wines, this range is produced as a "Vin de France" (was "Vin de Table").

- 100% Chenin, or may be combined with Pineau d'Aunis. 

- All our vineyards may contribute to this blend. 

- Ground works: ploughing, earthing-up and hoeing. No weed killers. 
- Manual harvest. 

- by natural refermentation - the wine starts fermenting again, using the natural sugars present in the original harvest (naturally sparkling). 
- "traditional method" - the wine starts fermenting again thanks to the sugar solution added when bottling. 
- a minimum of two years on wooden laths is carried out to refine the bubbles and allow the mousse to develop.

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