Lagavulin Scotch Single Malt 16 Year

Nini's Wine Cellar

  • $91.00

APPEARANCE : Deep amber gold.
NOSE : Intense peat smoke with iodine and seaweed and a rich, deep sweetness.
BODY : Full
PALATE : A rich, dried fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong, barley-malt flavours, warming and intense. At the back of the mouth is an explosion of peppery smoke.
FINISH : Huge, long, warming and peppery with a distinct appetizing sweetness.
In 1742 there were at least ten illicit stills at Lagavulin, and it would be another 74 years until local farmer John Johnston founded the first legal distillery, in sight of Dunyvaig Castle. Its name may have changed over the years, but the quiet power of peat and smoke that pervades this masculine malt has not.

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