Llenca Plana - Montsant

Nini's Wine Cellar

  • $22.00

Varietal Carignane / Grenache

Geography: Catalonia, Spain

Appellation: Montsant

The winery is a new modern construction that was purpose built to make the wine as naturally as possible, avoiding pumps and heavy duty machinery. A grape reception area where the hand picked small crates of grapes arrive and follow the careful temperature controlled process with gentle pressing after being de-stemmed before maceration and fermentation in new small stainless steel tanks. A small separate barrel room where the wine is aged, also temperature controlled. Upstairs there is living space for the family, so that in the warmer summer months when there is more work preparing the harvest and testing the progress of the grapes they are 100% of the time on hand, the village being a whole 3 minutes walk away. The winery is purpose built to be able to produce a maximum of 120,000 bottles - being the full production from their own vineyards.

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